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moin moin is a popular Nigerian delicacy

moin moin is a popular Nigerian delicacy

Nigeria has a variety of delicious and nutritious food made from fruits, vegetables, meat, and seafood and their preparation depends greatly on the types of the food. Food and drinks in Nigeria is more of geographical location, tribes or ethnic groups. This is so because Nigeria is a big country with more than 250 different tribes and this simply means that the country has more than 200 variety of local food and drinks.

Generally, there are some common food stuff such as rice, beans or peas, plantain etc; that are being eaten all over the country. However, a visit to Nigeria will enable you to experience traditional Nigerian food and no matter what your taste is, Nigeria has something for you to suit your appetite.

Local Food

Nigeria local cuisine restaurantsNigerian food is typical of that found throughout West Africa, with regional variations. In the north, meat is more popular than in other areas. There are restaurants of all varieties all over the country offering food such as pounded yam, rice & beans, Jollof and fried rice etc. Although there are self-service cafes, mainly in department stores, most restaurants have table service.

Alcohol is not expensive, and larger hotels and clubs have bars and cocktail lounges. To enjoy Nigerian traditional food such as pounded yam, yam flour, meat stew etc, it is advisabe to visit the local restaurants where these food are being served.

Fast Food

Fast food restaurants in NigeriaWhile the fast food industry is facing a period of recession in Europe and the United States, in Nigeria it is an entirely different situation. Food outlets are springing up like mushrooms in every nook and cranny of the country’s major cities.

Fast food outlets such as Mr Bigg’s – Nigeria’s McDonalds, Tantalizers, Tastee Fried Chicken – Nigeria’s KFC, and many others are all over the country. These fast food outlets sell meat pie, scotch eggs, sugared doughnut, fried chicken, hamburgers, Nigerian delicacies and soft drinks.

European/Oriental Food

Both a feast for the eye and a sensation to the palate, most of the hotel restaurants in Nigerian cities offer delicious European and other foreign dishes. You will experience a sublime food and wine experience that finds its fitting complement in the luxurious elegance of Nigerian hotels.

You can also dine on traditional Nigerian cuisine at most of the hotels. There are lots of Chinese restaurants, Indian restaurants, Italian, English, French and German restaurants all over the major cities.

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